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JHM Ecosystem Strategy

JHM Ecosystem Strategy

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Joint-Heir Ministries, intentionally advances the Kingdom of God in the marketplace for the betterment of commerce and humanity.  We “join-together with other heirs” cross-culturally to facilitate the process of strategically mapping out the “vision of God ideas” to bring forth the potential, greatness and excellence deposited within a person to fulfill their destiny. Our primary focus is increasing spiritual maturity, cultural intelligence and organizational capacity to steward your "gifts" in serving the needs of people through the given business, social enterprise, unincorporated entity or ministry.


Serving in the capacity of an entrepreneurship support organization we have assisted in the development and implemention of profitable businesses, community centers, community development corporations, church planting, orphanages, foster care and transitional living homes, food-pantries, homeless shelters, family resource centers, educational programs, schools, youth development, recreation and workforce development programs.

Our delivery system for community and economic development is an innovative cross-cultural “Ecosystem” that conserves resources—reducing resource intensity. It harnesses the rich tapestry of key partnerships with like-minded innovators in the private, public and faith-sectors utilizing existing resources in diverse communities around the world.  I Corinthians 12 reminds us we are “jointly fit together” by what we are each richly endowed to steward and share in the work of transforming our world. We extend a joyous “Thank You” to the 50+ collaborators who, since 2008, have aligned with this “calling to equip” giving financial and human resources, expertise and shared facilities. 

A percentage of JHM proceeds is dedicated to philanthropy that supports Kingdom minded Capital Investment Project (CIP) Grants to support "missions" of mercy, community and economic development initiaves that accomplish the eradication of  global systemic poverty around the world (Psalm 82 and Matthew 25). Examples include partnering with others who are innovating Agri-farm-to-table solutions, affordable housting--tiny house eco-villages,  feeding and clothing the severely destitute with eco-friendly affordable clothing, providing clean water and increasing the quality of life for billions of orphans, the elderly and disabled who cannot or not allowed to participate in the workforce.


JHM envisions an impenetrable fortress of mature Believers in the marketplace who reconcile people to God in every pillar of society and steward His divine wealth of wisdom, financial and human resources to execute global justice and equality for all mankind.



To assist in eradicating global systemic poverty, in its many forms, through innovative community and economic development strategies that transforms peoples lives, cities and nations.



Continually increase the capacity of visionary leaders to develop innovative Kingdom minded business enterprises and strategies that produce employment opportunities; and creative social enterpries that serve to meet various felt needs of severely destitute people around the world.


An increase in meaningful employment opportunities in every pillar of society where workplaces are largely influenced by Kingdom minded leaders shepharding profitable enterprises in the the Spirit of Excellence.


  • Divine Wisdom

  • Collaboration

  • Compassion

  • Cultural Intelligence

  • Economic Sufficiency

  • Innovation

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Stewardship Investment



 Education & Training

  • International School of Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development (iSELD)

  • Anointed for Business Fellowship (Small Group Study, Support & Co-Mentoring for Business Leaders)

  • Financial Literacy: Personal & Business Finances

  • Virtual Reading Coach Program (VRCP)


Community Engagement

  • Better Together Women's Brunch Series (BTWB)

  • Cultural  Exchange  Language Cafe (CELC) Mobile Lab


  • Assessment Tools (Individual, Community and Organizational)

  • Organizational Development

  • Change Management

  • Strategic Planning & Implementation

  • Results-Driven Evaluation


Coaching & Mentoring

  • Coaching: Business Coaches serve primarily in the capacity to develop the intellectual capabilities and business acumen, the executive competencies, of clients.  They focus on helping the leader develop their business skills as opposed to doing work for them.  Coaches serving as “subject matter experts” also assess, advise and provide counsel on their topic of expertise and offer recommendations in concert with JHM leadership.


  • Mentoring: JHM staff also develops key relationships with existing business owners and community leaders internationally to serve as mentors in industry specific matches with burgeoning entrepreneurs and small business owners. Their charge is to assist clients with further navigating the dynamic processes associated with preparation for accelerating the scale and sustainability of their operations.


Professional Development

  • Quarterly Courses: Accountability & Social Responsibility; Quality Improvement; Partnership & Collaboration; Transparency; Customer Service; Communications & Marketing; Transparency & Accountability; Management; Emerging Market Trends, etc.


Joint-Heir Ministries is one of the most innovative international marketplace ministries committed to eliminating systemic poverty by increasing the effectiveness of leaders and their teams,  entrepreneurs and business owners,  social enterprises and ministries of all types in international territories. We intentionally engage  ministry leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs from the community of faith in ongoing discipleship and coaching. We promote a multi-intercultural and inter-generational learning environment where every people group and persons gifts, talents and skills are embraced, nurtured and honored for the advancement of humanity.

Our multi-cultural team foresees each of the persons’ lives we encounter and partnerships we pursue are endowed with the right biblical context of vision, strategies, wisdom, intellectual capital and financial resources to secure and attain their destiny.  It’s a destiny where you are maximizing the use of the potential God has gifted and engrafted in you and your organization for the success of humanity in general and advancement of Christ Kingdom here on earth. As intercessors and skilled community engagement facilitators, in partnership with community stakeholders the JHM team members have researched, developed and implemented grassroots, regional, national and international collaborations in the private and public sectors that embrace existing social capital and community assets with the ultimate goal of investing in and transforming the lives of people who thereby transform institutions and systems in society.

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