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International School of Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development (iSELD)

The purpose of the Kingdom Business Development (KBD)© strategy is to promote and equip multicultural and transnational entrepreneurs, in-business and social enterprise owners, ministry leaders and missionaries with the tools and encouragement to bring life to the "Bright Ideas" that will increase the quality of life for people in society and generate job creation. The bi-lingual  team facilitates the process of conceptualization, development, planning and implementation of domestic and international businesses, social enterprises, non-governmental organizations and ministries.   KBD is facilitated in a multi-intercultural learning environment where every persons gifts, talents, skills and uniqueness is embraced, nurtured and honored for the good of  humanity! Language interpretation and translation of materials is available for most foreign languages per request.


JHM has an affinity for co-creating innovation and strategy alongside under-resourced in-business leaders and entrepreneurs catering to the product and service needs of the 4 billion world citizens harnessed at the bottom of the economic pyramid who earn less than $4 per day.  Our clientele is largely inclusive of supporting Kingdom minded Americans and all foreign-born start-up, micro-enterprise and in-business owners internationally. We focus on accelerating the development, scale, re-engineering and sustainability of any given enterprise offering value-added consumer products, professional services and outreach ministries.

Kingdom Business Development  offers a comprehensive continuum of development and sustainability resources that is both people and profit centered delivered in a four tier development strategy (1) the capacity of the person to govern with integrity; (2) value added products & services; (3) sustainable business model  and (4) a written strategic business plan.


KBD reinforces practical application of divine wisdom, standards and strategy coupled with Global Business next practices and service methods in a modern context. The KBD curriculum copyright is fully registered with the U.S. Library of Congress, Copyright Office, Registration #TXu001901936/2009-10-22.


At the heart of KBD is the advancement of commerce with integrity in the Spirit of Excellence and a market increase in valuable employment opportunities. Stewarding Gods wealth of wisdom, financial & human resources to support the eradication of global systemic poverty is the impact objective for wealth creation and the foundation for this strategy (Psalm 82).   

The KBD Continuum:

  1. Exploration of Entrepreneurship: Day of Creation with “Bright Ideas” 

  2. Orientation to Kingdom Business Development 

  3. KBD Power Series (Core Curriculum):

    • "Design Thinking" Product & Service Development 

    • Business Model Development 

    • Business Plan Development Courses 

    • Business Plan Writing 

  4. Assessment, Coaching & Mentoring 

  5. Marketplace Inauguration Celebration

  6. On-going Professional Development

Time Commitment: An investment of 141 hours over the course of 9 months is required for long-term personal and business success.  The distribution of hours is as follows: 

  • 65 hours Business Education & Skills Development Course Work (15 courses)

  • 16 Hours Product & Service Design and Development Co-creation Workshops
  • 20 Hours Assessment, Coaching & Mentoring 

  • 40 Hours Independent Application: Homework-Business Plan Writing Assignments 


The KBD Power Series is a 60-hour empowerment curriculum facilitated in 15 courses. The classes are facilitated in 4 hour bi-weekly sessions followed by up to 20 hours of professional business coaching and mentor matching where needed. 

Power Series Format:

  1. Guest Success: Strategy & encouragement from Kingdom minded in-business owners and KBD Graduates.

  2. Application Reports: progress reports from participants on application of strategies and completion of homework assignments.

  3. Kingdom Truths: teaching that is packed with biblical principles providing spiritual road map to successful establishment and stewardship.

  4. Global Industry Practice: Business Model & Plan Development: industry business acumen and skills development (US and Abroad).


The professional coaching is facilitated by a team of skilled development and industry professionals. Additional, expert practitioners in product development, accounting, information technology, business insurance, marketing and legal documentation are also engaged to provide technical assistance.  Coaching sessions are typically once per month for one to two hours, which provides adequate time for editing, feedback and further instructions.  During the initial coaching session each visionary leader completes a personal assessment using the custom designed Kingdom Entrepreneurs Business Planning Assessment tool.  The assessment provides a snapshot of the participant, the envisioned business or ministry and identifies what information and or resources the visionary leader has or needs to move forward in the development process. Throughout the entire process JHM team members provide intercessory prayer support corporately and individually by request.


Visionaries also complete applicable sections of the actual Business Plan Template after each power session.  Participants, instructors and coaches are encouraged to seek divine wisdom through prayer for specific application of instructions and research relevant information for development strategy. At the conclusion of following the instructions the investment will produce a well designed product or service, business model, strategic business plan for implementation, alignment with resources and further guidance for successful operation.

COST: An Affordable Monthly Administrative Fee is assessed for each participant. Details available during Orientation Sessions.

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