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Graduates, Businesses & Clients

(Sample List)

Juicy Christians, LLC                                                                                                                   The Queen’s Chamber

Owner: Mrs. Nathifa Davis-Sleigh                                                                                             Owner: Ms. Patricia Marzette

Product: Custom Jewelry                                                                                                            Product: Custom Clothing


Perfect Blend Coffee & Desserts                                                                                               J’Plus LLC

Owner: Ms. Jill Chestang                                                                                                            Owner: Jacqueline Robinson

Product: Blended Coffee, Teas & Desserts                                                                             Product: Women’s Apparel (plus size)


Dolphin Tree Spa, LLC                                                                                                                A Beading Heart (NPO)

Owner: Ms. Cassandra Vaughn                                                                                                Owner: Mrs. LaRita Childress

Service: Massage Therapy & Spa Treatments                                                                        Service: Arts & Crafts for Disabled Children

                                                                                                                                                       Second Chance for Hope, LLC

By Design Floral Company, LLC                                                                                               Owner: Sandra Compton

Owner: Theresa R. Burk                                                                                                            Service:  Transitional Housing for Homeless

Product: Silk Flower Designs                                    

By Order: 269-553-0642                                                        

                                                                                                                                                       Pain A-Way, LLC

A House of Order, LLC                                                                                                               Owner:  Ms. Angela Daniels

Service: Commercial & Residential                                                                                          Product: Topical Pain-Relief Meds (patent)

Janitorial, Maintenance & Organizing

Owner: Penny Echols                                                                                                                 Bright Light Systems & Design

                                                                                                                                                      Owner: Dr. Charmane Echols

Koinonia Productions, LLC                                                                                                       Product: Electronic Educational Game for K-12

Owner: Ms. Teresa M. Allen

Service: Christian Stage Play Productions                                                                              His Hem Ministry, LLC

and Movie Company                                                                                                                  Owner: Ms. Stephanie Esther

Koinonia on Facebook                                                                                                               Service: Web-based Christian Media & News


Collaborative Business Financial Services, LLC                                                                    You & Improved L3C

Owner: Ms. Valetta-Sellars Evans                                                                                            Owner: Mrs. Erika Jackson

Service: Accounting & Financial Services                                                                                Service: Domestic Violence Family Recovery


SymbioTex                                                                                                                                   Zion Kitchen Experience

Owner: Mr. Aaron Dickenson                                                                                                   Owner: Ms. Elfredia Lanier

Service:  Information Technology Software, Hardware                                                       Service: Catering, Homestyle Cuisine

And Systems Administration

                                                                                                                                                       Royal Design & Installation

Joyous Living Activity Center for Aging Adults (NPO)                                                             Owner: Ms. Esther McDuel

Owner: Elder Martin Dunlap                                                                                                     Service: Home Interior Window Treatments

Service: Senior Citizens Activity Center


1 Wise Choice Ministries                                                                                                            3.16 Enterprise, LLC

Owners:  Mr. Ron & Pastor Shana Wise                                                                                  Owner: Mr. Dwayne Powell, Jr.                                                                                                            Service: Concert Promotion & Marketing



Shine Babysitting Services                                                                                                         The Connection Point

Owner: Mrs. Regina Roberts                                                                                                      Owner:  Ms. Cassandra Stewart

Service: In-Home Babysitting Services                                                                                     Service: Catering, Homestyle Cuisine


A.O.C. Recording Studio                                                                                                              Seeds for Success

Owner:  Mr. Thomas Taylor                                                                                                        Owner:  Mrs. Sylvia Washington

Service: Christian Artists Studio                                                                                                 Service:  Education Instruction & Materials


Williams Value Properties                                                                                                         Covenant Marriage & Pre-Marital Counseling

Owner:  Mr. Andre Williams                                                                                                       Owner:  Mrs. Paulette Williams

Service: Real Estate Management Co.                                                                                      Service:  Marriage & Family Counseling


Rooted in Faith, LLC                                                                                                                    Our Fathers Family Keeper Ministries (NPO)

Owners: Mr. Barry & Mrs. Tory Root                                                                                        Owners: Mr. Curtis & Mrs. Bianca May

Products:  Christian Sporting Apparel                                                                                      Service: Christian Camp for Families & Youth


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