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                                   Int'l School of Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development

Proverbs 1:2; 4:5-7; 2:6,10 and 3:13-15  



The mission of the International School of Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development (iSELD) is to increase the capacity of entrepreneurs, enterprise leaders and their teams, including 501c3 corporations, in every pillar of society to serve people, communities and nations more effectively. SELD equips business and ministry leaders with spiritual, cultural and organizational development solutions through a unique design thinking approach. A signature resource is the Kingdom Business Development© strategy, which is delivered in a 1Year-Residency, engaging a cross-cultural cohort of leaders from around the world in-class and through virtual classrooms.  KBD ignites the co-creation of innovative new products, professional and social services for existing and emerging markets catering to real needs of world citizens who earn less than $4 per day!


Our focus is equipping fellow joint-heirs from every nationality who are “called” to an assignment as Christ hands and feet in the marketplace of commerce.  Likewise, we strategically shepherd leaders in increasing their spiritual maturity and organizational capacity with effective infrastructure and management systems. The integration of proven divine wisdom tools, principles and practices maximizes potential and yields results of lasting fruit. Fruit is visible in the increased quality of life of world citizens and influence applied in increasing profitability toward job creation and poverty eradication! For the thousands of existing and emerging leaders around the globe JHMs' SELD is a primary source for capacity building, development tools, leadership and management training, technical assistance, coaching, consulting and alignment with additional Kingdom minded resources. These resources are an "offering" through a unique international ecosystem  in support of innovative economic development and sufficiency for all people globally.


We promote a multi-intercultural and inter-generational learning environment where every people group and persons gifts, talents, skills and uniqueness are embraced, nurtured and honored for the advancement of humanity.  Interpreters and translation for every program and course is available in most languages by request.



Kingdom Business Development (KBD)©:

The purpose of  Kingdom Business Development (KBD)©  is to inspire cross-cultural economic development and sufficiency. KBD empowers people from within the community of faith of all cultures and ethnicities with the tools and encouragement to bring life to the "vision of God ideas" and  potential within to the marketplace of commerce. This enterprise development model reinforces design thinking, practical application of divine wisdom, standards and next practice in modern day commerce, the service industry and social sector. The KBD curriculum is fully copyrighted and registered with the U.S. Library of Congress, Copyright Office, Registration #TXu001901936/2009-10-22.

The KBD foundation has the advancement of justice and equality for all humanity through economic empowerment as the ultimate purpose for wealth creation. Participants are thus equipped to steward Gods' wealth of wisdom, financial & human resources to assist in eradicating global systemic poverty. KBD provides a biblical roadmap embodied with Kingdom Truths and strategies for starting, scaling, re-engineering and sustaining a successful enterprise. The continuum combines practical application of design thinking to developing products, professional and social services along with a profitable business model and writing a strategic Kingdom minded Business Plan. The KBD Power Series is a 65-hour empowerment curriculum facilitated in 15 courses delivered in bi-weekly sessions. Course work is supported with up to 20 hours of professional coaching and mentor matching where appropriate. KBD includes a four step process:

  1. KBD Power Series curriculum; Practical application of sacred Kingdom Truths in modern day industry next practices.

  2. Design Thinking Product & Service Design and Development

  3. Personalized Professional Coaching strategies from the  Kingdom Entrepreneurs Business Planning Assessment©

  4. Developing a profitable Business Model and writing a strategic Business Plan using the Kingdom Business Plan Template©


Power Series Core Curriculum Includes:

  1. Establishing The ROOT System for KBD Success

  2. Developing the Foundation: Vision, Mission & Core Values

  3. Receiving The Names: Enterprise, Product & Service

  4. "Design Thinking" Product & Service Design and Development

  5. Articulating SMART Business Goals 

  6. Legal Structures & Taxes

  7. Asset Protection: Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

  8. Market & Competitive Analysis and Target Market Identification

  9. Personnel & Talent Management

  10. Marketing Strategy & Planning

  11. Production & Information Technology

  12. Financial Composition: Personal & Business Finance

  13. Asset Protection:Business Insurance

  14. Service Excellence: Character & Integrity in the Marketplace 

  15. Bonus Session: Measuring  S.R.O.I. (Spiritual-Social Return On Investment)  Biblically


Who Should Attend: (a) Entrepreneurs, (b) Missionaries, (c) Ministry Leaders with “ideas” to start a tax-exempt corporation;  (d) Current Business Owners desiring to re-engineer, scale or operating without a viable Business Model & Plan; from every ethnicity and culture desiring to increase their economic position for the betterment of humanity.


Cost: An affordable Monthly Administrative Fee is assessed during the 1 Year Residency to defray the costs of coursebooks, materials, supplies and honorariums for the instructors. 


501c3 Corporations Development, Administration & Management Series

The NGO Leadership Academy is designed for emerging and mature leaders and teams of ​tax-exempt corporations (NPOs and NGOs) around the globe. This wisdom training program is packed with divine insight, strategies, practical social sector next practices and a compendium of activities. The resource mix will propel any leadership team in identifying and exceeding its peak of excellence in serving the needs of people where they are sent to advance Christ Kingdom.  Courses are delivered in 4 to 8-hour sessions at site-specific locations and virtually when feasible.  The content includes the following courses each supported with a biblical context:

  1. Biblical Foundation for Tax-Exempt Ministries

  2. The WORD: Justice, Equality & Mercy Ministry

  3. Getting Started: The Right Way to Establish a 501c3 Corporation

  4. Planning & Purpose: Developing an Organizational Framework

  5. Articulating Vision, Mission, SMART Goals & Outcomes--Fruit!

  6. Board Governance

  7. Selecting the Board of Directors

  8. Human Resources

  9. Financial Management

  10. Transparency & Accountability

  11. Strategic Planning

  12. Fund-Gathering

  13. Public Policy, Advocacy & The Scriptures

  14. Information & Technology (Communication)

  15. Strategic Alliances (Partnership & Collaboration)

  16. Program Development & Effectiveness

  17. Evaluation (Results of lasting fruit)

  18. Service Excellence: Christ Character & Integrity in Tax-Exempt Ministry

  19. Grant Writing Fundamentals

Who Should Attend: (a) leaders and leadership teams of community and faith-based tax-exempt organizations including “churches” and “ministries;” (b) board members; (c) community stakeholders; and (d) funders/donors and sponsors of tax-exempt corporations.

Costs Per Session:  Ranges from $25-$75 depending upon the subject.  Group rates available. Includes printed materials, facilitation and refreshments.

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"Since new developments are the products of a creative mind,

we must therefore stimulate and encourage that type of mind in every way possible!"

Dr. George Washington Carver, Scientist & Inventor

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