Anointed for Business Fellowship

"20/20 Vision & Dreams Retreat" 

June 19-21, 2020

AFBFellowship Liberia Chapter

 Anointed for Business Fellowship (AFBF) is an on-going small group bible study designed to strategically help fellow joint-heirs with Christ understand, embrace and experience our "God purpose" and maximize our potential in the workplace.  No matter who you are, where you are employed or your job title God desires to use the "gifts" within you in the marketplace so they can be multiplied; used to help change any adverse systems that may exist there; and simultaneously influence people toward pursuing a relationship with Jesus.


We study, pray and apply the Word of God together as it relates to our co-mission to share the love of God and Gospel of Christ Kingdom with people we already have relationships with where we are employed in the marketplace.  We are duly powered with the Holy Spirit as He uses our potential and influence with people to expand Christ Kingdom in every pillar of society.  In conjuction with Gods wisdom in the holy scriptures we embrace the insight of the same regarding our collective "call "and responsibility in "marketplace ministry" shared in the "Anointed for Business" small group guide  provided by author Ed Silvoso.

AFBF is facilitated in a fun, relaxed and conversational environment with fellow joint-heirs from every culture, ethnicity and pillar of society. We share the Word, prayer, food, laughter and wisdom from our collective experience being guided by the Holy Spirit to impact change in peoples lives, adverse systems where we work and share new businesses, ideas, opportnities and ministry vehicles He's given us that bring heaven on earth blessing other people! We handle Gods "business"  by appling His Word and likewise celebrate the victories together (Acts 2:49).

Truths, subjects and wisdom received to share include the following:                      Current Series: Cultivating & Experiencing             

  • Jesus and the Marketplace                                                                                                              The Kingdom of God NOW!

  • The Disciples, Apostles and the Marketplace                                                      Scripture Reference: Book of Matthew (6:10)

  • God in Business                                                                                                   Support Book:  Rev. Dr. David Yonggi Cho,

  • Reconciliation in the Marketplace                                                                        "4th Dimensional Living in a 3-Dimensional World"

  • Christ Kindgom, the "Church" and the Marketplace                                           

  • God in the Boardroom

  • Steps to Finding & Fullfilling Your Potential & Destiny in the Marketplace

  • Saving Peoples Lives & Mercy Ministry

  • Doing Business Gods' Way

  • Strategic Prayer in Overcoming Workplace Obstables

  • Strategic Prayer to "loving thy neighbor" Gods' way

  • And SO MUCH MORE.......................................................

Who Should Attend CEO's, Executive Directors, VP's, Managers, Supervisors, Crew Leaders, Administrators, Janitors, Chefs, Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Librarians, Social Workers, Carpenters, Business Owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, whosoever wills just come join us! 

TIMES: 2nd & 4th Monday, 6:30pm-8:30pm,  Zoom Video Conference

**You can attend a fellowship group in person or free video conference link depending on your location**


LOCATION: Call or Email: for location information.  Include your name, contact phone number and name of the industry you are employed.


Business Office : 269-364-8551

Contact: Minister Michelle Dunlap, MPA


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