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Dr. Michelle D. Dunlap, DTL

Author, Missionary, Marketplace Minister, Dimensional Strategist, Philanthropist and Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Michelle D. Dunlap, DTL is the Founding Steward, Dimensional Strategist and Philanthropist of Joint-Heir Ministries.  Michelle accepted her calling as Christ Marketplace Minister and Philanthropist in 1995.  She is an ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ under the Faith Ministry Alliance. Her gift is coming along aside visionaries to innovate and create economic and social change that increases the quality of life for underserved populations around the world. She thrives in increasing the capacity of  today’s and tomorrows’ existing and emerging business, social enterprise and organizations in every pillar of society.  As a dimensional strategist and entrepreneur she distributes 30+ years of experience serving in senior leadership positions in healthcare, telecommunications, financial services, retail, youth and family services, government, primary and higher education.  She graciously accepts her marketplace assignment and responsibility to equip fellow heirs of Christ to fulfill their life purpose and restore desolate places. Her repertoire of expertise includes teaching and demonstrating the Word of God through innovative community and economic development strategies to eradicate global systemic poverty.  She stewards her skills in executive administration, strategic planning, organizational and resource development, design thinking, business-social and faith-based enterprise development, curriculum and program design and project management.

Michelle possesses a Doctor of Transformational Leadership (DTL), Master of Public Administration (Summa Cum Laude), and Bachelor of Business Administration.  She is also the author of the book "Death Threats: No One to Care for Me BUT GOD!,  the Kingdom Business Development (KBD)© program, and several corporate and collegiate training manuals. Early in her community and economic development  ministry career Michelle was honored by Aunt Jemima Brands and the National Congress of Negro Women as “Community Leader of the Year” in Houston, Texas.  With apostolic authority and a prophetic anointing Minister Michelle partners with people of like minded faith to transform lives and communities. She has a hunger for seeing the impossible manifest and readily seeks out opportunities to affect critical mass. Michelle is a women of vision who is committed to teaching and training fellow joint-heirs  and every-day people how to tap into the rich inheritance of calling and purpose God has deposited within to transform the world to reflect Christ Kingdom standards.  She teaches and trains people how to become successful in application of  the Word of God through entrepreneurship, organizational development, coaching/mentoring, consulting and much more. Michelle believes in investing in fellow joint-heirs who are hungry for change and ready to develop strong faith as a mark of true discipleship to  maximize their personal and organizational potential. 


Michelle’s expertise in developing marketplace enterprises, social service and capacity building programs has been recognized by former President George W. Bush and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children & Families, Office of Community Services.  She also served as an invited panel guest of President George W. Bush, during his “Town Hall Meeting” in Niles, Michigan, where she articulated the impact of the U.S. Department of Human Service, Compassion Capital Fund Demonstration Programs’ impact on faith and community-based nonprofit organizations in six counties of Southwest Michigan. In addition, she was a special invited guest of President Bush to the White House Holiday Celebration. She has served as an invited facilitator for conferences with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, and the U.S. Department of HUD-Houston Office.   Additionally, Michelle carries a verifiable track record of 30 years designing, developing and administering adult learning curricula in several disciplines, capacity building projects, starting social service programs and agencies, strategic planning, organizational development, reengineering organizations and leading large scale initiatives that impact people, organizations and communities.
Throughout her ministry career Michelle has facilitated numerous bible studies, strategic planning and professional development training in the faith-based, private and public sectors and served as a guest speaker for local, state and national conferences. She has pioneered the establishment of many cutting-edge community transformation models.  In addition, she has served on numerous boards, committees and championed successful public-private collaborations throughout the United States and abroadh  Over the first 30 years of her ministry career the Holy Spirit has wrought the following lasting fruit through her in several sectors of the marketplace globally.
  • Served 20 years as Executive Director for various tax-exempt corporations.

  • Served 18 years in corporate, government and education leadership positions.

  • Co-labored alongside entrepreneurs to Birth 25+ new sustainable businesses from within the community of faith.

  • Planted and developed 5 thriving 501c3 tax-exempt corporations from infancy to scale

  • Assisted 1500+ business enterprises, community and faith-based  corporations in increasing their capacity for effectiveness.

  • Professional Development facilitator for 200+ executives in biblical business principles, organizational and resource development strategies.

  • Federal & State Legislature Public Policy Advocacy & Grassroots Lobbying for increased appropriations to child welfare; primary education; after-school; fair wages; healthcare and economic development initiatives.

  • Secured and administered over $5million in capacity building grants to community and faith-based organizations to provide needed social service programs.
  • Gathered and distributed financial resources in excess of $15 million that contributed to empowering people and advancing communities throughout the USA.
  • Pioneered the development and implementation of the 1st Federally Funded Faith & Community-Based Nonprofit Training Institute in Michigan.

  • Served 6 years with United Way Community Investment Teams & Cabinet and several funding institutions throughout the USA.

  • Served as Senior Team Leader and Grant Reviewer for multiple Federal Grant Programs with the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services, Justice and Education as well as numerous State Agencies.

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