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Global Missions as we assist in eradicating all forms of poverty through innovative education, community & economic development strategies!




     Where did it all begin? God provided personal protection and tender care for me before and after my first breath. Early on in life the double death threats of being deprived of oxygen in the womb and, later nearly drowning when I was a toddler, were no match for God, my mother or me! He rescued us both from the hand of Satan's grip.


     Throughout my life, when no other human being could (or would) come to my rescue, Jesus was there and delivered me every time. However, many times I didn’t realize it.

     My friend, what death threats are lurking around you? What is the adversary of your soul distracting and tempting you with today?  Don't allow him to derail the destiny and perfect plan God pre-arranged for you to enjoy. You have the victory--if you would only believe and receive Jesus guidance!



“This work is reflective, insightful, and above all extremely helpful to the body of Christ.”


Rev. Dr. Addis Moore, Senior Pastor, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan


“Michelle has shown the proven ways for mankind and all broken people to partner with God for freedom and for daily victory over death threats.”

Emmanuel Akwasi Boakye, Senior Pastor, Vineyard North Church, Columbus, Ohio

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