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VRCP Program Information

VRCP School Year Calendar

Fall Semester/Reading Sessions Begin: 1st Week of October

Fall Semester/Reading Sessions End:  2nd Week of December

Winter/Spring Reading Sessions Begin:  2nd Week of January

Winter/Spring Reading Sessions End: 2nd Week of May

Elementary Student/ Family  Benefits

  1. Increase Reading Comprehension, learning and school grades.

  2. Establish a new healthy relationship with an adult or high school student coach.

  3. Develop a desire for and consistency in reading different types of books.

  4. Relieve parental pressure of immediate need to perfect ESL skills.

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Reading Coach Benefits

  1. Grow our community!

  2. Increase community engagement 

  3. Help increase the skills of a child and family success

  4. Develop and/or expand personal leadership skills, character, and integrity.


High School Student Bonus

  1. Monthly Stipend: A non-taxable monthly technology stipend up $50 a month (4 reading sessions per month).

  2. Volunteer Verification Letter to satisfy high school graduation requirements.

  3. Reference Letter for employment and scholarship applications.

  4. Academic Book Scholarship upon graduation from high school.


High School Student Bonus Benefits #2 to #4 are based upon volunteering for at least one  to two full academic school years with consistent and excellent performance.

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